Kids Camera

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Small, cute, lightweight, fully functional camera designed for the tots.

Taking the kids out camping but worried they’d kick up a ruckus when there’s no wifi or cellular data signal? Get them to focus (pun intended) on nature instead with this toy camera and create wonderful holiday memories.

This visually appealing camera comes in two colour options, with built-in rechargeable battery and lanyard for attachment. The camera have built-in microphone and supports video creation. The camera software supports 11 different language selections and have cute photo frame filters to create customised shots. The software also comes embedded with electronic games to keep the little ones occupied.

This is the perfect gift for the budding content creator. See the world through your children’s eyes and help develop skills and interests at the same time.


  • Small sized and lightweight: 8.5 x 5 cm, 52 g
  • Two colour variations to choose from
  • Supports TF-Card (not included): up to 32Gb
  • Display screen: 2”
  • High resolution images: 2560 x 1080 p
  • High definition videos: 1080 x 720 p
  • Built-in battery: 15 hours standby on full charge
  • Software supports 11 language selections, filters and games.