Hand Friends Therapy Kit

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Hand Friends Therapy Kit is designed to strengthen hands and alleviate pains.

The Hand Friends therapy kit is made up of:

2 x finger massage rings

3 x hand resistance exerciser

2 x hand massage roller

The finger massage rings help to improve circulation in the fingers resulting in improved mobility and recovery. The rings work by having the acupressure spikes massaging the finger joints when the rings are rolled up and down along each finger.

We often only use our hands in the clenching motion. This results in finger and hand pains for those who work with their hands more. The hand resistance exerciser is designed to work the opposing muscle group for the hands. Thus, balancing out the hand muscles and relieving finger and hand pains.

The hand massage rollers are for massaging achy and overused hands. Place roller on a flat surface and roll your hands against it palms up or down as per your preference, or along the fingers. You can also roll one or both rollers in the palm of your hand in a gripping motion.

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Features & Details

  •  7 piece hand therapy kit
  •  3 resistance level for hand resistance exerciser
  •  Improve circulation in the hands
  •  Improve dexterity in fingers
  •  Improve finger strength
  •  Alleviate pains
  •  Massage hands and fingers
  •  Helps in relaxation
  •  Easily carried around in pocket or bag
  •  Can be used while sitting at the desk, stuck in traffic, on the train, bus or plane, whilst waiting, for warm up or cool down

Recommended For

Anyone who ...

  •  is into sports like rock climbing, martial arts, racquet sports, golf
  •  musician who plays piano, drums or string instrument
  •  had an injury or operation and is in recovery
  •  uses the hands a lot at work
  •  has arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel or rheumatoid arthritis