About Us

Symyeo is a young online business based in Sydney, Australia. We love the outdoors and our aim is to bring affordable, quality outdoor products to our customers.

We try to maintain low prices by keeping everything simple and low overheads. Simple, straight to the point products without fanciful advertising or packaging.

Our Team

Symyeo is currently made up by Mel and the Red Dog.

Mel is in charged of product design, supplier management, product testing and quality checks, logistics, advertising, customer service and basically everything else.

Before starting Symyeo, Mel worked for many years as a manufacturing and product development engineer, so Symyeo was just a natural continuation.

The Red Dog’s job is to look pretty and provide hugs and kisses. And here’s a photo of the face of the brand.


Our Mission

Our mission Is to provide the market with quality and functional outdoor products that do not break the bank. To foster a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers and give back to the community.

We would love to hear from you on how we can do better, what type of products you would like us to add to our collection. Do connect with us via Facebook or email.