NoWet Waterproof Spray

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Nano hydrophobic spray that is suitable for large variety of applications!

Can be used for:

  • waterproofing of tents and other camping gear
  • waterproofing of mountaineering/ski attire
  • protect expensive suede/leather bags or shoes from soiling
  • protect car upholstery or fabric sofas from kids or fur kids
  • water repellent on car windshield or helmet visor for better vision

Price includes two 300ml spray cans and express delivery within Australia.


  • 2 x 300ml spray cans
  • Easy application aerosol spray
  • Suitable for large variety of surfaces
  • Long lasting effect
  • High waterproofing quality
  • makes surfaces easier to clean and manage
  • keeps dirt off fabric and surfaces
  • just rinse out with water

Recommended For

  • Suede/leather shoes, bags, clothing
  • Tents, mats, sleeping bags
  • Mountaineering/skiing attire
  • Hiking shoes, gaiters
  • Gloves, rain jackets
  • Fabric furniture
  • Nature lover